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Roulette Number Review – Does it Beat the Roulette?

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Being an internet poker player I have always found myself suspicious of “fixed” games such as roulette. Poker has remained my game of choice because I saw it as “beatable.”


500Views.com in Review


In today’s online world with it’s billions of websites, getting your website, product or service to the top of anywhere can be a real challenge. Up until a few years ago all one needed to do was learn some SEO tricks or hire an SEO guy and within a few short weeks or months you had top placement on the popular search engines. But those old tricks don’t work anymore.


Buy Instagram Followers from ChiBuyer

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Gaining followers for a social media account with zero followers can be a nightmare, very aggravating process of creating account popularity & trust. It’s a sad fact that people pick the restaurant where they see more people sitting; same is true with any social media profile.


WordPress Seo Carried out within the Correct Way

It is extremely easy to optimize your WordPress site if you follow the proper actions. Sadly sufficient, you will find nonetheless tons of individuals who fail to make use of the right actions for obtaining their WordPress website optimized. So what type of actions do you need to make probably the most out of WordPress […]


The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer Review

The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer

Reading and using the information in this book is like getting a raise in salary. An eBook titled “The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer” by Leon Forte will take your dollar and make it go further, a lot further. An individual can save $150k to $200k in your working life while still using the same […]


What format does Kindle use? (Republished from 3rdplanetpublishing.com)

With the explosion of eBooks and e-readers trying to keep up with all the different formats and requirements has become a bit of a challenge. As a full time professional publisher I know. And Amazon’s Kindle is no different. And to make matters even worse, the industry as a whole has been growing so fast that at times there have been several updates […]


StockBase POS 2012

StockBase POS is a complete and easy-to-use business and retail management software, whether tangible or intangible goods or services, is the ideal billing inventory control and point of sale software solution with barcode processing. StockBase POS is 100% Windows compatible, launched in 1994 with over than 57,000 licenses sold worldwide. Keep your business competitive by […]


Hire Niche Writers for your Project with GrabaWriter!

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Hire Niche Writers for your project! Are you tired of scouring the Internet searching for a writer that meets your needs? Do you dislike wading through the dozens of writers bidding on your project only to find none with the qualifications and expertise you need? In that case, welcome to GrabaWriter. GrabaWriter is the largest […]


The Line, the Itch and the Rabbit Hole

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The Line, the Itch and the Rabbit Hole is the memoir of David Jester: a child with Tourettes Syndrome, a young teenager with depression and an adolescent addicted to drugs and alcohol. A humorous autobiography charting 11 difficult years, beginning with his first tic aged 7 and spanning an adolescence of addiction, illness and self destruction. A […]


How to Find Low Life Insurance Rates Online

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If you’re in the market for life insurance then you probably have one thing on your mind: “how can I get the absolute lowest rates with the best coverage”. This is a legitimate question as life insurance is a significant expense to most families. On one hand you don’t want to overpay and hand an […]