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Learning How To Play My Acoustic Guitar Changed My Life

As a kid growing up back in the 60s I wanted a guitar but unfortunately my parents thought only hippies and freaks played guitar so I got clothes instead.

It seemed a lifetime but eventually I was old enough to leave home and one of the first things I did was buy that acoustic guitar I had wanted for all those years.

I bought a couple of beginner guides to learning guitar as there was world wide web back then. I was also pretty shy and couldn’t carry a tune so I didn’t want to hire someone to teach me.

It didn’t take long before I was so frustrated I just up and quit trying. Then after a couple of months with the guitar sitting in the corner taunting me I gave it away. After that I met the girl I would marry, we got married, had a son soon after and well things just got busier and guitar went to the back of my mind for a long time.

Actually it was twenty some years later and my interest had changed from guitar to computers and became a career computer instructor.

Right after Christmas we returned to class where I was asking students what things they did and didn’t get for Christmas.

Gail, in the front row, well her face was red. I knew she had something to say so I asked about her Christmas. The first thing she said was that her husband was a bonehead. We all laughed. Then she told us what she didn’t get for Christmas.

She told us she’d been asking for a computer scanner for months. It would help her with her new business and was the reason she was taking my course. But did she get a scanner for Christmas, not even close. Her husband gave her a Yamaha acoustic guitar.
We couldn’t help but to laugh again but at the same time my brain was thinking about that guitar she got.

I hadn’t thought about guitars for years.

As a computer instructor my brain started thinking of all the ways I could learn guitar over the Internet. I could get ebooks online so I wouldn’t need to buy another book I couldn’t return. I could also get guitar training online and even guitar training software at places like at Jamorama.

As a computer geek and techie I had more than one scanner so I suggested we trade. Her eyes lit up and she said she would bring the dumb guitar in the next day. I brought in the scanner and the rest is history.

She was waiting in the parking lot when I arrived. She was never early, always on time but never early. I guess she was excited as I was. I was the proud owner of an acoustic Yamaha 425 guitar.

I learned to play guitar when I was 47. Today I’m pushing 58 and pick my guitar up and play every day.

Learn how to play guitar today without hiring anyone. It can all be done online and you’re able to begin learning guitar right now. Signup For A Free Guitar Lessons at Jamorama.com.

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