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Is It Even Now A Good Idea To Trade Links With Other Websites

Almost everyone in the Website marketing field know that backlink building can definitely make or break their Internet business. And a few years ago, trading links with various other websites was looked upon as being a great way to build backlinks. The question is, is this approach even now a good way to create links for your site or has it become a thing of the past? In this article we are going to be investigating just that, in order to explain to you the answer.

For those of you who don’t know a backlink is simply a link pointing to your website from a different website. These inbound links are usually viewed as votes for your site by the major search engines. Which means that your site will rank higher in the search engines when you’ve got more inbound links to your web page. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that every link that is built has a different value in the search engine eyes. Let’s just say you have a link on a site that has a page rank of 3, if the link is on the home page of the website you’ll find that it has more value than if the link is found on a sub page of that site. In order to determine the importance of the link you have to look at the page the link is on, instead of what the page rank of the home page is, even though the home page rank will still help a little.

One thing you need to understand about individuals when they trade inbound links, is that the link they add to your site is usually on a deeper page of the website. And this reduces the quality of that backlink. Websites that utilize link pages can end up with a huge selection of other links on the same web page. I am sure the majority of you already know that Google frowns upon this and normally these links do not even get counted.

Google additionally gives more recognition to one way links than they give to sites that trade links. Just so you know, a one way link is exactly what it sounds like, you obtain a link from a website but it’s not necessary to link back to them. In Google’s eyes these types of one way links are usually just like gold. Something else you will have to be cautious of is trading links with sites that Google doesn’t like as this may hurt the reputation of your site. Which is the exact opposite thing you’re attempting to obtain.

Trading links can be useful to you if the site is trusted, has a good page ranking and also has a steady flow of visitors. If your backlink ends up getting concealed on some deeper web page in the website there is a good chance that the page where your link is, just isn’t even indexed by Google. Which makes that backlink absolutely pointless. In short there are just a few ways to make link trading work to your advantage and it can be extremely time consuming to do them, however you can find other methods to develop one way links.

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