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Learn Electric Guitar Online – What My Investigation Revealed

I’ve wanted to learn electric guitar ever since I was a kid. It’s basically something about it that basically gives me a rush. Personally, it wasn’t about trying to be cool or getting girls, it was more meant for the music. I’ve always had kind of a creative tendency, and also appreciated the music one could get with the electric guitar.

I didn’t really pick it up though till the time I had become slightly older mainly because I had gotten busy with all different kinds of stuff. And I really didn’t grow up in a family which supported me in trying to play. Thus, after I got out on my own I made a decision to learn just how to play.

I got myself an electric guitar and amp, however , needed some way to know how to play. I looked into the choices and boiled all of them into only two – I could learn electric guitar online or I would take individual instruction.

I chose to learn electric guitar online utilizing video lessons instead of private instruction actually only because of expense as well as convenience. This was less costly than individual instruction and I also could learn just about any point in time I needed to; I did not need to wait around for my next lesson. Additionally, if I wished to investigate additional genre’s besides only rock and roll or blues, as an example, I was able to do this.

It’s a bit confusing however with regards to online video guitar lessons. Generally there are a ton of free lessons on Youtube.com, but I never truly found any rhyme or reason to them. There wasn’t any system, simply a bunch of video clips. Yet, if you’re looking for anything specific, you may well be able to get it there.

There’s also a website named justinguitar.com. This is a pretty good site as there are a number of lessons there to learn guitar too and it’s completely cost-free. My only challenge with it is there are not many electric guitar lessons, I didn’t really like his style and I also needed more variety with instructors and styles. Yet if you are low on cash and want to learn electric guitar online, it is worthwhile looking into.

The last option I came across, that I ended up choosing, is a website named Jamplay.com. This is a paid subscription online video guitar learning site that has something like 5,000 video lessons as well as over 40 distinct instructors. They also teach various styles and genre’s, so you are not stuck to just one style.

Besides Jamplay.com, there are other similar websites, like Guitartricks.com and Elmore Music. These were good too, however I simply favored Jamplay for some reason. It is just $15-$20 monthly and I have learned a great deal.

So, if you wish to learn electric guitar online, perform your own analysis and investigate a few of the different sites. In any event, learn to play electric guitar with on-line videos is an excellent way to go.

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