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Internet Marketing: Tools Of Implemetation

Internet marketing is the implementation of marketing activities and tasks through the Internet.

Internet marketing for the successful implementation of the strategy and achieving of the goal uses a variety of communication tools. For the correct selection of tools (combination tool) Internet marketing requires a marketing analysis project, a clear statement of goals and systematic approach to implementation of the strategy.

Internet Marketing Tools

1. Website
The main tool of Internet marketing is web-site.
Most of the tools of Internet marketing have intermediate or ultimate goal in order to attract users to a Web site.

2. Search engine marketing (promotion of the website)
Most Internet users start their search for interesting product with a search engine. Using such tools of Internet marketing as search engine optimization and search advertising, a website is able to accommodate to high positions in searching of the results.
Search engine optimization (SEO)
The purpose of search engine optimization is to attract target users with a search engine on the Web site, the organization of the site content is fully indexed and properly displayed for each search.

Search Engine Advertising
Text blocks that are placed on search engines and displayed in response to specific user queries are an effective means of attracting users to a website to high-demand.

3. Internet advertising
Internet advertising is highly accurate coverage of the target audience, the ability to flexibly manage the budget and quickly track of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. There are two main types: banner and contextual advertising, each of which has its advantages and the specific use.
Banner Advertising
Used to provide quick coverage of the target audience, enhance the image and recognition of the advertised product.

Contextual advertising
“Intelligent” variety of online advertising that is used to attract the most interested in the product audience

4. Email account marketing
Email account is a personal e-mail distribution.

5. Marketing of social ties
Dynamically developing field of Internet marketing technique consists in the use of relationships between people in order to promote products.

Social networks, forums, chats
They can function as a library, a room for communication (chat room) in real time and even as classified by themes directory advertisements. They are ctively used as a component of Internet marketing.

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