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How To Increase Page Rank. How To Promote A Site.

Most of the best known search engines take into account the concept of themes, to the extent to which it affects the ranking of sites. Some are often surprised that their pages with citation index, equal to 6, replaced with lower ratings (5 or 4) for certain search queries. There are a lot of reasons of this. And one of them is subject site.

A small site, “interrupts” rated pages with higher PR sites in a larger size. Why? Because the site is indexed as a whole theme. It is dedicated to only one subject. Even on the main page the word “PageRank” occurs more than once.

Some sites can accommodate a section devoted to entirely different topics, and this leads to “smearing” the general theme of the site and a decrease in PR.

Here is one of the reasons why the pages with lower PR sometimes “interrupt” the page with higher PR. In addition to the subject matter, there are many factors influencing the determination of the relevance of the page (the site). If I add a few pages to the site with content that differs significantly from the main theme of the site, the PR, which reflects the integrity of the collected information on the site to deteriorate. Whatever digressions, they negatively affect the PR site. Although the site will continue to contain pages, selected topics, the main theme of the site a bit “blur”. In the example of online jewelry, each page tells you about a certain kind of products – necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. But the overall theme of the site is “jewelry” and not “necklace.” If we take the site, which describes only the necklace, then it will have a theme “necklace.” And for that keyword, it has every chance to get ahead in the ranking of the site with the theme “jewelry.” This, of course, will depend on many factors, and the theme is one of the most important.

Most sites do not dwell on the detailed description of a necklace or some other topic. Typically, they include the topics of a general nature. However, we can improve the thematic focus of the site and the specific themes for each page.

Imagine that the jewelry site contains information about the bracelets, rings and necklaces – and each page of the site tells about all three kinds of products. How to determine the theme of the page and site theme? Information about these products is distributed throughout the site and the pages in random order. Therefore, the theme of each individual page is difficult to determine unambiguously. None of the information pages of any one kind of product will prevail over the other. This is also true for the subject site.

Now let’s assume that the site is thematically organized into sections, which is separately considered necklaces, rings and bracelets. The contents of the page of each section strictly correspond to the subject. This ensures that the pages ranked higher on a given topic search.

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