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What To Do If Your The One Tasked To Get Your Companies Web Site Re-badged.

Have you ever been tasked with getting a website set up for your company? or maybe you just need to get an existing page updated. When challenged with such a task do you ever get that gut wrenching feeling in your gut that your web designer is going to make you feel like a diot again?

Ok, these are the extremes but as a web developer I have seen it occur a few times.

When it comes to organising and provisioning a public facing website it can be a little daunting especially when you consider that identity is everything in the corporate world. After all how many times have you clicked off a well ranked page in Google just because it looked questionable.

I have identified some of the difficulties that I have seen on both sides of the fence below:

From the clients perspective

1. Your not really 100% what you want and this can be paralysing, but you justify it to yourself by saying “Well i’m not a developer so how am I supposed to know what will work”.

2. You have a tiny budget and the majority of web design companies will charge for the site screens and mockups even before it hits the internet. You really can’t afford this right now.

3. Your web design supplier will charge you again if you tell them that you need to change something. Whats worse is that
you think they should have identified any potential issues in the first place.

4. You don’t want to keep paying your web design supplier each you want to add a new graphic or update something you’ve
already added.

From the web suppliers perspective:

1. You have an unbelievable difficult client. They don’t know what they want. They have given you a outline but when you put together the mockups they constantly change their mind.

2. Your clients come to you for your design expertise and then question your decisions, as if they know better. Your argument is that you wouldn’t go to your doctor and tell him what he needs to do to treat you. So why do clients think they can.

What can very quickly take place is you get into a ‘he said, she said’ situation which can often start to turn nasty. From a client customer perspective it can start to get costly and push out further your already fast approaching deadline. The common outcome is that the client will have to make some cut backs in order to get the website out on time.

If any of this makes youqueasy then please dont be. I have seen a lot of successful and very clean web site
projects in my time but the question has always arisen in my mind. There has to be an better solution? especially for the small and medium sized companies that just want a fighting chance of being able to market their company online. Startups have the most to lose because they simply don’t have the budget and resources if things get out of hand.

So whats the solution I hear you ask! Well its really very simple and emoves a lot of the stresses from the equation and that is simply to use a web design supplier that pre-creates all of its website designs up front. There’s a few of them out there but the real benefit of such an approach is that you don’t need to take the entire design, you can still have it bespoke enough to reflect your company identity, and at the very least you have a something to work with. The other advantage is that you know what your getting up front and because the design is already created theirs minimal lead
time and cost.

As an added bonus you don’t even have to pay a contract or pay a lot up front if you decide to rent or lease your website. At drivemysite
we do this, we allow clients to pay a monthly fee for their website and if things change and they wish to move on then they are quite free to do so without the notice penalties or sign out fees. This means that your investment is essentially risk free. So if your being restricted because of some of the items mentioned above then get out there and give it a try. Whats the worst thing that can happen?

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