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Black And White Optimization. Which Is To Use?

Methods of optimizing your site are divided into two categories: black and white. Both methods can help you to take a higher position in search engines.
However, if you use black optimization there is the probability to have a ban from search engines, and recent events show that sites using this method will soon be affected.
What is a White SEO?
White optimization is when the web-master does not try to fool search engines and does not violate their rules. Web-pages that use the white optimizations are useful for users, search engines and web-masters.
What is black optimization?
Black Optimization is an attempt to enhance rankings in ways to which search engines frown. These methods include such things as doorway pages, cloaking, hidden text, etc.
On finding them search engines have warned that they penalize those websites which usually use black optimization .
But it turns out that black methods seem to work. So why not use them?
Certain types of black optimization can give a good result. There are many web-masters, who have received high rankings on their sites, although they have optimized their methods, which does not approve of most search engines.
You for sure have found web-pages in search results that look quite strange or they were unlikely related to that you were actually looking for.
So the black optimization seems to be working. But should you use it?
Almost all black methods will be found by search engines sooner or later. Doorway pages and redirects have worked well in the past and at present, these methods are usually a direct route to the ban.
Although some methods of cloaking continue to exist, it is likely that the search engine will soon find them. The same applies to the purchase links. Some paid links still can not be detected by search engines, but it is just a matter of time until a new search algorithms will appear.
You may have trouble even if you used a black optimizing several years ago. The problem is that the things that the search engine can not find now, can be detected by the search engine tomorrow. And the search engine will also learn what you did in the past.
WikiScanner is a good example for a spam filter. It also considers the things that were done in the past. It can find manipulations that you made before. Combine such a scanner and spam archive of web-pages as Archive.org and you will have an easy way to trace the history of the site.
Do not use black optimization methods. As technology develops it is likely that these methods will be found, even if you stop using them. Better to concentrate on the white optimization.
Sites that continue to follow the rules will have an advantage in search results. In addition, there is no need to use the shadow technique, if you can use white optimization, which guarantees a good result.

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