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What Is MLM. The Approximate Scheme Of MLM-project

Many, especially those who are faced with an online MLM-projects, mistakenly believe that Network Marketing or MLM (Multilevel Marketing) is a pyramid scheme. In fact, this type of marketing is that you distribute a product in different ways and get for this particular award (usually the income is directly proportional to the volume of sales).

At its core, network marketing is a way of distributing goods and services relative to independent resellers or distributors.

Thanks to independent distributors potential earning is theoretically unlimited. Therefore, earning with the network marketing had grown a huge number of myths.

MLM is a scam or pyramid schemes
This myth has arisen based on the fact that many of the pyramid are disguised as MLM-projects. It should be clearly distinguished: network marketing is a business and a pyramid is fraud and deception.

How to distinguish genuine MLM from a pyramid? Firstly, the size of the entry fee and the possibility to function normally without the involvement of additional members (the basic concept of the pyramids is attracting new people), although of course the normal MLM should contain some kind of referral system. You should also remember about the real value of the goods.

Network Marketing is something like a sect or a zombie
In general, people who want to do with anything, are considered strange or maybe even a zombie. And, above all, so consider the people who came to nothing and tend to live downstream. In MLM the person simply has set the task of motivating which seeks to implement.

MLM is the path to independence, the creation of own business
In MLM-projects, especially at lower levels, do not worry about the autonomy and independence, as the rules are common to all project participants. Even at the upper levels you will have to reckon with the overall strategy.

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