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Pizza Has A Long History.

Today pizza is known worldwide and for many people is associated with Italy. However, not everyone knows that the history of pizza can be more than 2500 years. Of course, in those days the ancestors of pizza appeared, but not the dish to which modern humans are accustomed.

It is known that the warriors of the Persian king Darius, who ruled from 521 to 486 years BC, during the campaigns were preparing bread on their shields; they put cheese and dates on it. History of pizza was promoted in the writings of Plato, which referred to round bread with olives and cheese. The Greeks put a variety of products on the raw dough before baking.

Black olives, garlic, onions, herbs and butter were the most commonly used. This Greek dish is preserved in the history under the name “plakuntos” – perhaps, it was the first ancestor of the domestic pizza.

A little later a similar dish appeared in the diet of the Romans. It was called “plakenta.” Compositionally, “plakenta” was like the Greek “plakuntos”; it is possible that the recipe was borrowed from the Greeks, along with other peculiar properties of culture. The roman dish had a lot of different ingredients and cheese.

But the path to worldwide popularity of pizza went through the New World. In America pizza gets together with many Italian emigrants at the end of the XIX century. People start selling it on the streets – the first American “city of pizza” was Chicago, where it can be purchased for two cents a piece. They say that the first U.S. pizzeria was opened in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi in New York. In America Lombardi is called the “Patriarch of the pizza,” and his pizzeria is still working.

In the 1940s the so-called “American pizza” is invented – with high edges and lots of filling. The popularity of pizza increases with the return of U.S. troops from Italy after World War II. Over time the pizza has spread across many countries on all continents.

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