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Attracting More Quality Comments To Your Blog Posts

Anyone who has a blog would like to see more readers taking part in discussions and leaving comments. A blog that lacks engagement and doesn’t offer an easy way for people to comment won’t go far. How, then, do you set up your blog so that readers are eager to leave comments on it? How do you engage your readers in the best possible way? Let’s find out in the following article.

Provide Encouragement: It is essential for you to encourage your audience to post comments on your blog if you want there to be a lot of activity. There are many people that have no idea what a comments section is, and there are others that simply won’t take the initiative to do so. By directly conveying your message to your readers that you want them to comment, it will open up new doors. Besides that, you have to realize that people sometimes require only a bit of nudge to take action. Just let people know you really are interested in their opinions and what they think of your work since it will help you create much better content in the future. It all comes down to how convincing you are in getting them to post comments on your blog regularly. Your blog might as well be dead if it has no comments on it, a fact that you need to understand before you try to convince people to comment.

The “No Follow” Tag Discourages Comments: By deactivating the “no follow” tag, you’re likely to get more comments to your blog almost instantly. The “no follow” ref is a red flag for many people that they shouldn’t bother to leave a comment. If your blog is set up with WordPress, you can use a plugin such as “Nofollow Case by Case” to change this setting.

When you use this plugin, this allows people who comment to get link juice from their links by removing the default “no follow” ref.

Provide Answers: A great way to get your audience more engaged is to reply to comments people have posted, especially if they have said something interesting or asked a question. It is a highly effective method of increasing the number of comments on your blog and is an excellent conversation starter. To maximize the benefits of this strategy, you first need to know what type of comments you want to answer. You certainly can’t answer every comment on your post so you need to be picky and choose only those that are worth a response. Ensure that you give time to your blog to let it grow; take regular action to get more subscribers to your blog and grow your network, the only thing that you need to increase your comments.
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