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Citrus Paradise. From Salads To Juice.

Orange comes from China. Its name is translated from English – Chinese apple. In ancient times it has spread across India to Babylon, where it decorated one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

In medieval Europe it was fashionable to plant orange trees in the so-called orangeries (the word “orangery” is also derived from the word “Orange”). In one version an orange was brought to Europe after a journey of Vasco da Gama to India. The spread of the plant was contributed by Spanish and Portuguese colonialists, who in XV-XVI centuries brought an orange, lemon, along with other species in West Africa, Central and South America.

Initially an orange was very small, bitter and full of seeds, but thanks to the efforts of breeders, these days a lot of varieties of this delicious fruit are grown, and its quality is steadily improving. Now there are about 400 different varieties of oranges. Mandarin – is another subtropical fruit crop from China. And its name is derived from the well-born residents of this country – Mandarins.

The name “lemon” comes from the Chinese “li-mung,” which means “it’s good for the mother.” Even the ancient Chinese knew that lemon can cure many women’s diseases. At all times Indian yogis called lemon a versatile tool for health promotion. In their opinion, everyone should eat daily or drink a lemon juice of one lemon. The Greeks admired the scent and color of a lemon.

In cooking citrus fruits are most often used in fresh or juice is squeezed from them. However, the gastronomic sphere of these fruits is much broader. First, today’s confectionery uses very widely candied fruits, preserves and jams from citrus. Marmalades, jellies, fruit salads – are another area of use. Connoisseurs know that tangerines are perfectly combined with meals of duck and venison, lemon – is an unsurpassed partner for fish and seafood, oranges are good in salads with chicken and shrimps.

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