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A Vegetable Creative. Carving.

If you see that a chef has knife in one hand, and in another – a vegetable, do not flatter yourself to supper with salad. Quite possibly, it will be some flower or a young one. What is it? It is carving – the art of carving on the fruits and vegetables.
Food designers of the Middle Ages.

Carving appeared long ago. Now chefs compete who will win just to show off in their ability. Many centuries ago in an overcrowded South-East Asia carving emerged not as a whim of creative housewives, but as a production need, which significantly transformed a poor, mainly vegetable diet. And in each of the south-east countries carving developed in different ways. Cooks in Japan and China sculpted their traditional dragons and even pictures with fighting scenes. They used stencils, seizures, and molds.

Knives of European chefs got to fruits and vegetables much later. Medieval Europe feed fully and variously. And even the royal feasts were without vegetable tricks.

For a long time the masters of carving transferred their skills solely by inheritance, and kept them in a great secrecy. But as they say, all the secret becomes clear. And now a wide army of carvingists often takes a knife to cut out something unusual from the fruit or vegetable. The art of carving on the vegetables attracts not only professionals but also amateurs.

What should know a newcomer? First of all, there is no place for impatient persons here. Patience, concentration and attention – are the instruments no less important for the master than a knife. It is enough the slightest inaccurate movement, and all work comes to nothing. But perfection is achieved with practice, and experience comes with time.

The second council of professionals: you can approach to any product from two directions. Either you have the fruit, and you come up an intricate pattern under it, or you mentally imagine some flower beds, and then open the refrigerator door to find the right fruit / vegetable for your future still life.

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