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Kitchen Herbs Are Our Assistants In Cooking.

Salt, baking soda, sugar, starch, gelatin – the most ordinary foods – are called spices. Spices give a definite taste to the food – sweet, salty, and spicy and so on.

Kitchen herbs have quite another task. This is products of vegetable origin only. They do not change the taste of food as sharply as spices and give it fragrance, subtle flavors and antibacterial properties. Pepper, allspice, garlic not only excite the appetite, but also participate in the processes of pickling on the rights of preservatives and antiseptics. All herbs, besides giving the aroma and refined taste to dishes, have healthy properties. Of course, a serious chronic disease is not cured only by kitchen herbs, but they are indispensable as a means of prevention and adjuvant therapy.

Useful herbs.

The king of the spicery is saffron – stigmas of the pistils of one of the varieties of crocus. Its price is really royal, because to get one gram of saffron, it is necessary to pick more than a dozen flowers. In appearance it must be thread-like, long and dark. Saffron – is a fighter with excitement, hysteria, convulsions, an excellent diuretic and diaphoretic.

The most popular Indian herb – curry – facilitates digestion of protein. This mixture exciting the appetite is equally suitable for first course, main dishes and sauces.

With moderate use the turmeric does not almost change the taste of dishes, but it gives them a rich yellow color (not all kids like semolina, but a few ones will refuse to taste the “sunny” porridge). In addition to milk dishes, turmeric is also added in the first, second, and dessert dishes. It is indicated for gastric ulcer, gastritis, irregularities in pancreas and gall bladder. Turmeric worms, suppresses a putrefactive microflora in the gut.

The main thing in cooking is to use herbs properly; in this case your dishes will be very tasty and useful.

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