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Amazon Kindle DX – Some Ideas

You might or might not know that Amazon has come out with yet another new eReader. That’s three new Kindles in total that Amazon now has for sale, each with their own differences.

If a person loves to read and decides on the Kindle 2 for their reading habits you should also checkout the Kindle DX as it is a little cheaper.

You can buy a Kindle 2 for about $259. For the larger Kindle DX you are going to have to pay about $489.

That great difference in price is enough for most people to only consider the Kindle 2, but if you can afford it and you would prefer to have PDF’s files, the DX might be the better choice.

The viewing area for the Kindle 2 is 6″, while the DX viewing area measures a massive 9.7″. For anyone that needs to use a larger font size on the Kindle DX, you will find that you can use the larger font size and still have a good amount of content per page displayed per page view. What is meant by that is that when using the eBook with one of the two largest font sizes the amount of text displayed per page is greatly decreased.

Less text per page means more page turns than if you were using a smaller text size.

The Kindle 2 weighs in at just over 10 ounces. It’s a good weight and easy to get comfortable with and is easier to hold for long periods of time than a regular paper book.

The Kindle DX weighs in at about 19 ounces which makes it almost twice as heavy as the Kindle 2 but it is still much easier to hold than a paper back and definitely easier to hold than a hard back book.

The Kindle DX has a smaller Keyboard with all the same buttons which give you more room for the large display. The DX keyboard is a convenient size, although the Kindle 2 with a larger area used for the keyboard works just fine, it doesn’t seem oversized or anything like that, but if it were smaller it might be just as easy to work with.

The DX only has the page forward and page back buttons on the right side of the unit whereas the Kindle 2 has the page turn buttons on both the right and the left sides. You will like being able to hold the Kindle with either hand and will find yourself switching from hand to hand frequently.

Another big difference between the Kindle 2 and the DX is the amount of memory that each unit has built in. Amazon says the Kindle 2 will hold about 1500 books, news papers or magazines or whatever and that’s plenty for most people. This is more than most people will ever have on their shelves!

Amazon says the Kindle DX will hold up to 3500 books or newspapers or magazines or PDF files or whatever. This is a huge amount of available literature.

It would take a long time for the average reader to fill up the DX but for those who are serious book collectors you might some day run out of room for more. One very nice thing that Amazon does is keep a copy of everything you have that you bought from the Amazon store. If you run out of room you can delete books and make room for more. If you want it back you can download it again from Amazon for free.

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