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10 Suggestions To Optimize Your Website Traffic

Optimizing your work at home and webpages is how you get more search engine traffic and will help you to keep your readers around for longer.

1. Use On-Page Markup Factors Like Google Likes It

I started creating web sites for others and used the proper markup for heading and sub-heading. I would use tags in all the right places but when I started creating web sites for myself I began to slack off just to speed things up. Wrong move, use the right markup tags and you will get more positive attention from the major search engines.

On Page markup for better ranking in the major search engines is well worth your time and can give you great return on your investment. So if you haven’t done a good job it’s worth going back and correcting it ommissions.

2. Use Your Keywords In Your Page Title.

I see way too many web pages where the title for the page has no keywords at all. This doesn’t tell the search engines anything about your page and if found in the search engines most likely won’t get any visitors. To optimize your webpage the first thing that should be done is create a keyworded page title. A title that reads ‘index’ isn’t going to win you any brownie points with the search engines.

3. Link Your Relevant Pages Together Using Keyworded Anchor Text

Don’t just link to other web sites. I know that’s important but it’s also important to link to relevant pages from your post. Doing this will get more attention which means more page views, plus your visitor will stay on your site longer, won’t they.

4. Use Title or ALT Tags For Images And Text Links

When you use links be sure to use anchor text that is keyworded but also take the time to use the TITLE tag to add a descriptive title and again be sure to use your keywords. The same thing applies for your images. Use the ALT tag in the same way you use the title tags for anchor text.

5. Use SEO Friendly URLs To Optimize Your Pages

While it may sound hard to do, but it is not very hard when you know what you are doing. Basically for wordpress users, default permalink structure is not SEO Friendly, so you want to enable it in a way that it contains keywords of the post.

6. Optimize All Your Webpages For The Major Search Engines

When I say optimize your pages, I mean on page SEO. Good titles, Meta-Description, and Keywords. For all this you need a plugin called All-in-one SEO. Download this plugin, upload it, and use it. Suggested Settings for All in One SEO.

7. Avoid Duplicate Content As Much As Possible

A key in getting good search engine rankings today is to avoid using duplicate content. Google has already slapped many sites using duplicate content. I use Copyscape.com to verify my content is unique.

8. Your Readers Want Your Site To Load Faster

If you’re using WordPress blogs you can quickly add a plugin that can speed the loading of your pages.The plugin I am using for this is called WP-Super Cache and it’s free.

9. People Tend To Look At Good Looking Pages Longer

I’m sure you’ve landed on pages that just didn’t look right or had such poor colour combinations you just couldn’t stick around as it burned your eyeballs. Really anything that can turn your reader away is something you should avoid and that includes ugly webpages. Sometimes this problem can be solved as easily as choosing a different WordPress theme.

10. Put A Feedback Form On Your Sites

Add a contact form to your sites. It’s better than leaving an email address to get spammed and gives your readers a way to give you feedback.

In conclusion: Optimizing your work from home blog takes a number of steps, steps a lot of new marketers either don’t know or don’t feel the need to include, so you have a great opportunity to fly by those slackers.

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