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Network Marketing Myths

Network marketing, also known as MLM, in many publications is shown before us as a unique evil. What’s more – not less often actually an equal sign between network marketing and pyramid scheme.

But is this true?

Financial scheme is initially created with the purpose of cheating, that is for “pumping” of the clients money through the sale of fake goods – certain shares or financial techniques that gives fabulous dividends.

Goods that spreads through network marketing are different, but are always real. And if someone – that is circulating through MLM low-quality goods, then this may not be the argument against the very method of network marketing.

I think that, if desired, any person can distinguish a financial pyramid of network marketing. One need only read a couple books on the subject, as all at once falls into place.

In my life I have met such kind of “MLM companies”. Asked to buy the $ 800 some cheap perfume, which is a product of the company. And it was a sine qua non!

Such network marketing can not be. Even by definition. Not a MLM company will not impose your distributor your goods to some insane how many. Yes, and low quality goods.

Of course, when entering into some sort of mlm company, a person must purchase a product company. Otherwise there will be movement of goods. What to do with them?
There are other signs by which one can distinguish a real mlm company from other.

But in real life it is easier. Simply the fact that people can actually see the same product. That is, the touch of his hands. The Internet is also the differently case.

Today, in the Internet there are many MLM companies that distribute training. And I think that many of our people have fallen asleep in 1985 and woke up in 2010. And in 2010, it appears that you pay the fees! And it is strange to me that today, explaining to people that education is the same product. And that knowledge is sometimes much cheaper to buy than to buy their own experience.

In general, I recommend everyone who decided to do network marketing, read more literature and do not bother with all sorts of financial pyramids, or some other myths about MLM.

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