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Real Online Writing Jobs

20 years ago if you would have asked someone how to make money from home, they would laugh in your face. Today people still do laugh, and there are many skeptics. Although at the same time there are many people who are already earning a good income online in many ways.

I have tried out many different ways; surveys, micro tasks, affiliate marketing, and all of them have failed for me. I’ve always been sort of bad at writing, but when I sat down and thought about it, I was in college for 4 years, and the whole time I was in college all I did was write essays. So I decided to give writing a chance to make a living online.

While I was looking for ways to work from home writing, I found all kinds of free places such as textturk.com, constant content, and many others. The problem is they pay you nickels and dimes, yeah it adds up but still it’s so difficult to make a real living off of it. Well with a bit more work I found RealWritingJobs.com I went ahead and signed up; I immediately was able to get to work. The major difference between this place and other places I have tried to write online. Is I was really working from home writing, I was making real money, I started to earn money writing. It was an amazing feeling, now I do this for living every day, and I make a pretty good income personally. It’s a very simple to do, there is plenty of support, and you can earn some real money!

You can earn up to $100.00/ article and $500/story. That’s a good amount when usually I make about 10 dollars per article. Although writing articles and stories aren’t the only money making opportunities that RealWritingJobs.com offers you. You can get $25-$40 an hour just to input you suggestion and help improve books, and movie scripts! You can gain $25-$50 dollars simply for a blog or sometimes just to post on someone’s blog! Yeah this is real money, it’s no joke. This won’t make you rich, but it will give you a good income, and let you enjoy your life working from home.

I’m just telling you this is one of the ways I make money, if you don’t believe me and want to walk away thinking it’s a scam good! Go ahead walk away, because the less people who work for this company, the more opportunities for me to make money, and I don’t pass up any opportunities. I’m going to give you that link one more time, and if you still choose not to do it, I’ll take the jobs and money you could have earned and put it into my bank account.

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