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Effective Alternatives To Adsense To Monetize Your Website

Google Adsense was once the only type of contextual advertising anyone ever thought of. But now many people are very much interested in the various alternatives to Adsense. You should be willing to explore the alternatives, no matter what your status with Adsense currently is. This is because you can find companies who are much easier to deal with than Adsense, and who actually pay more as well. So, rather than put up with Google’s often harsh treatment, many marketers are looking elsewhere for advertising options. So we encourage you to find out all you can use, not only for contextual advertising, but other highly unique applications.

Another that is absolutely worth your time to investigate is Konterra if not only because they are well established and there are no bugs that need to be worked out. Actually, Konterra and InfoLinks are fairly similar in many ways, but Konterra is older and much more established in the industry. Konterra is very easy to use with the addition of a few code snippets on your page. Konterra used to be a bit difficult to get accepted into; however, it seems they are not as difficult to get into as before. Who knows why it is now easier to get accepted into Konterra, but it is and that is good for people. But do be aware that you will have a better chance of acceptance if your site receives above average traffic on a daily basis. One very curious aspect about Yahoo’s Publisher Network is that they made it publicly known a long time ago. There was never anything else discussed about it, and for those who did submit an application – no word or response from Yahoo. It is no secret that the ongoing search engine wars include copying ideas implemented by the others. If it ever does happen, then we fully expect the Yahoo’s Publisher Network to be more or less a clone of Adsense. So if the YPN ever becomes reality, then we shall find out. Yes, if you have read that it is in beta, well so have we so who really knows. It will not hurt to apply to YPN, but maybe you should wait to see if it ever goes live.

ContextAd is another very interesting alternative to Adsense that has an interesting model and approach. What they will do is match your business inventory with the best-fit advertisers. They have their own technology to handle this sort of customized inventory and advertiser/spot matching. Naturally they can work with categories and keywords to provide better matches. This is such an out of the box thinking type of thing that we wish we had thought of it.

Some of the alternatives to Adsense are very promising for marketers, as they give you all kinds of new options. When it comes to finding ads that are a close match to the content on your site, several advertising networks have gotten very sophisticated. You can take advantage of these developments if you keep track of them. You’ll earn money as soon as people click on your ads about Niche Affiliate Marketing System discounts and PLR Minimart.

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