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Getting Acquainted With Internet Marketing Models.

Hi, in this review I’d like to introduce some Internet marketing models to you. I know that you are going to earn your living on the web. I suppose that knowing a bit more about these models will give you an advantage over other newbies just like you. Don’t forget that these beginners are your potential rivals.

To start with I’d like to mention an affiliate model. This model is somewhat similar to an advertizing model. But the difference is that it mainly focuses on recruiting companies or individuals to do their advertising in a systematic way. Unlike in an advertising model where the advertiser is paid depending on the amount of advertising material distributed, an affiliate model pays rewards the affiliate marketer when a certain step in a sales process is fully completed. For example you can get credited for an online visit or for a request for some actual information. In some cases you’ll get paid only if the actual sale was made.

Then I should mention a brokerage model. I should stress that this model compensates the broker for bringing both buyer and seller. It’s usually done in the form of one-on-one introduction. An online auction is a typical representative of this model.

The third one is an information model. This Internet marketing model is that one in which a particular company provides information to a certain field or niche market. This information should instruct another company as well as individuals on a more efficient method of performing a task.

And what about a subscription model? You can’t ignore it too. It’s just an overlay model usually incorporated into other models. It provides a high level of service over a certain period of time. For example the service can be provided for several months. Monthly video rentals as well as various food services perfectly fit this subscription model. In general everything delivered to customers being ordered remotely fits this model.

An utility model is a worthy thing from my point of view. This model is somewhat equal to an offline utility. So it offers products that have already become a necessity. A telephone service provided online is a typical example of this model.

A community model is the next thing you should get acquainted with. It’s a business model focusing on bringing together companies or individuals of similar interest. It’s done for the purpose of establishing relationships and sharing information. Perhaps you’ve already heard about Myspace. So it’s a community model. I hope that everything mentioned above is clear to you. I’ve just tried to provide you with actual information in a simple form. I don’t advise you to work on all these models at the same time. You’d better choose one and stick to it.

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