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What Is The Network Marketing?

Network or multi-level marketing is one of variants of retail trade in which is used the technique of direct sales. The goods from the vendor to buyers get through direct contact of the person to the person. As a result they are on sale without margins, after all an amount of intermediaries at such sales is the minimum.

In network marketing advertizing in mass media practically isn’t used, there are no wholesale firms-intermediaries. The goods presentation is carried out only by distributors.

Basis of network marketing is a network of distributors. Each distributor can attract new participants in the business. The tree-structured network of distributors as a result is under construction.

Incomes in a network can be received not only from personally sold goods. The most successful distributors have the main profit from operation of those participants with which they have attracted in the company.

The industry of network marketing grows every day. All over the world thousand goods in such a way are on sale. And incomes of the companies make billions dollars.

For the normal person network marketing becomes possibility to find financial independence. Practically everyone can become the distributor. The main thing is a desire to work and receive the income, ability to find the approach to people, a faith in own forces.
At the heart of network marketing lie three psychological singularities:
– People like to share with each other the information. Especially, if they consider it interesting and useful.
– Trust to friends or acquaintances are above than official advertizing.
– Common language is found faster by people of this circle, one educational level, one age.

Each employee of the company can attract unlimited number of participants. Thus anybody doesn’t specify to it, who should be invited, and who isn’t. And to work with congenial people is much easier than with those who were imposed by the heads.

As payment the distributor receives percent from production sold by him, or percent from the goods sold by participants of his group. The more he has attracted people in the company the better he has trained them, the bigger will be incomes. In a marketing network there is no competition. To the distributor it is favourable that its “subordinates” sold more goods and earned more money. Helping another to earn money the leader himself becomes richer.

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