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CFD Trading ABC: Info To Know Concerning Dividends.

The initial thing to be started with is that trading in the derivative of CFDs is regularly associated with a misunderstanding relating to who exactly owns the shares. In fact, there is nothing too difficult about this – the shares are owned by the stock broker or brokerage firm. To be more exact there is a need to specify that when a person is dealing with CFD trading, this means that he/she is actually dealing with a swap trade. Simply speaking a person is swapping the actual physical stock for a contract. So, when such positions are made, an individual is responsible for 100% of the loss and 100% of the gains but does not own the stock, nor has rights to the company.

Opening a long CFD position means for a trader that he/ she has the opportunity to make income dividends. To go into more details it should be added that typically they are 90% of the pip. This happens in the case the position is still held when the stock goes ‘ex-dividend’. Generally, this takes a few weeks or even several weeks to be distributed.

As concerning opening a short position there is a need to clarify that when the stock goes ‘ex-dividend’ a trader will have to pay the sum out of his/ her account. One more critical characteristic to point out here is that the trader is actually not sustaining a loss, as he/ she is paying out 20p for the dividend. So, there will be a profit of 20p for the cost drop generated.

You should also keep in mind that not all CFD trading positions generate dividends. Let me provide an example to make it easier to comprehend. In the case the ex-dividend date is on August 1 but the position was closed on August 3, a trader would be entitled to get dividends. But if a trader opened position on August 3, he/ she would not be entitled to any dividends.

There is also one more fundamental thing for you to know about CFDs broker – they will either credit a trader’s cash account or withdraw cash from his/her account. This is dependent on the kind of position that was made: long or short.

In addition, you need to be aware of that the dividends which are earned or lost in this derivative are not the main point. In fact, when the shares earn dividends it is more about the investment. Don’t forget that when someone opens positions with CFDs, he/ she starts speculating.

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