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The Review Of The Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 Photo Camera Part 2

Sony A300, Sony A700

A lot of functions have changed and not only at the expense of redistribution of functions, but also at the expense of addition of new elements. For example, switching between the usual mode of shooting and “a live picture”. Its manufacturer has taken out on the top panel, having arranged to the right of flash. Switch is hard, but it can be shifted a finger.

The screen reacts to such action very quickly, however its brightness should be regulated accurately to see, what exactly you remove. Otherwise the picture will be muddy, indistinct. By itself, it is necessary to use and a micro fibre napkin: without it the screen quickly becomes covered with the fingerprints, stirring to lead shooting. At ?100 there were the same problems, simply in a mode of usual shooting when on the screen options are displayed, contrast range and brightness allows to see an accurate picture. Especially, vising is led through the view-finder which sun beams don’t affect in any way, and prints and a dust settle extremely seldom.

At the same time, as already it was told earlier, without Live View the manufacturer simply wouldn’t manage to implement the rotary screen as vising would be impossible. Unlike the majority compact cameras, ?350 doesn’t allow to turn out the display on 180 or even 90 degrees. Its possibilities come to an end on turn on 45-60 degrees upwards or downwards that it was possible to remove without problems children at level of their eyes or to lead shooting on the hands extended upwards at a concert or sports competitions. It is quite enough of it for the majority of photographers and the flexible design does the camera rather convenient.

Until ?350 has appeared in hands, still there were doubts, whether it is necessary to choose this camera if its price almost equal to values of more perfect technically camera ?700, but after a pair of clocks of dialogue with the device, all doubts have disappeared. The rotary screen simplifies life, even in the event that stirs light, and it is already impossible to wind brightness – simply enough to incline it downwards that the image on the display has ceased to be whitish. The view-finder remained former, still on the place there were also light sensor controls under the view-finder, disconnecting the screen when the photographer is vised on the view-finder. It allows saving energy of the accumulator.

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