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Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet Marketing.

These days almost everybody tries to benefit from Internet marketing. In this tough race to get their business online, a lot of businessmen often forget to ask themselves some essential questions concerning what they are doing. Unfortunately their plan is often unclear and they don’t know for sure how they could benefit from Internet marketing.

It goes without saying that the Internet can be a really powerful tool allowing you to compete with big companies. But on the other hand other companies may pay more for advertising. So I’d like to point out to some things you need to keep in mind as when analyzing your Internet marketing strategy.

Let’s start with evident advantages of Internet marketing. So your online store is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. You can get customers anywhere. The entire world can give you customers and they can always reach you.

You pay almost nothing for spreading your message. Emailing your subscription base is much cheaper than sending a letter via email. You can update your subscribers through email almost instantly. You can provide them with discounts through email too. For example if you are currently having a sale your customers can purchasing your products and services at the discounted prices as soon as they open your email messages. If you are running an information sensitive business such as an online magazine or law firm then it’s possible for you to deliver your products to your customers without using a courier.

Now it’s high time to mention disadvantages of Internet marketing. To my great regret Internet marketing isn’t free. You should take into account the cost of hardware, software, web design, maintenance of your website. Don’t forget about online distribution costs. You should also consider your time. All of this mentioned above contributes to the cost of providing your services and products.

About 50% of households make purchases online. So this means that you are reaching very few households. To be exact you can reach only two out of three households. I should say that the Internet is still considered to be the global source of information. So this means that people prefer searching for information on the net rather than making purchases there. So you should keep in mind that even some guys visit your website but anyway the vast majority of them would buy the desired thing in person. A lot of people want to enjoy the live interaction when buying things. So if you have got a small business with one location, then your Internet marketing may deter your potential customers from making purchases. So it’s up to you to decide whether you should use Internet marketing for your business or not.

Do you know that you can save huge money in the Internet marketing plan if you think about creating free traffic from major search engines.

As search engine traffic are very targeted – they become your ideal clients. And this helps to save big money on buying AdWords, banners, email broadcasts and other traditional internet marketing advertising. Start saving money now, you your budget more effectively.

And this internet marketing will help you to boost your traffic and enhance your IM results.

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