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Making Money With Article Marketing

Article marketing is a great way to make money online, no question about it! Article marketing is mainly used for the back links it can bring in for your website, without back links, your site will not make it in the search engines. No search engine rankings means no money.

A lot of people dislike article marketing because it is a time consuming task to perform. Many people believe it does not work. What! I disagree; article marketing has jumped my rankings in the search engines dramatically.

So I can tell you it is a very important marketing method. It is an old style of building back links, but it will never be ruled out in the money making industry. It just works!

If you are thinking about building a website, you need to get involved in article marketing if you want to get your site ranking in the search engines. I don’t care what anyone else tells you! Article marketing is still king in my books, and always will be.

I have two sites that are still new and one of them is ranked on page one already. I did this from articles alone. Yes it took a lot of articles and it did take up a lot of time, but the rewards are well worth the headache of writing articles. So don’t get discouraged, keep plugging away at it and you will see results over time.

I try to write two articles a day, this can be frustrating some days as you can go blank, I do anyway.

In saying that, I just give it a rest for a while and come back later on. You don’t have to write it all at once, you can write a bit and come back later on and finish it off. This works for me when the brain can’t think of anything to write about.

Make sure you do your research first. It’s no good trying to write about something that you have no idea about. This is easy thanks to the internet, jump online and start reading about the topic that you want to build your site about.

Once you have some knowledge up your sleeve, you can begin to start writing about it. I try and make my articles about four hundred and fifty words long, I think this is a good number to stick with; it’s not too long and not too short.

When you have finished your article, you will need to submit them to various article databases. You can find hundreds of article databases online, just search for them. When you submit your articles, people can then use your article on their own websites. When they do this, you start getting back links pointing back to your site.

The more back links to your site, the higher it will rank in the search results. This is one method on how you can start your online money making venture. To read more about how to make money online, visit: Online money making.

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