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Banner Advertisements – What To Know Before Getting Started

Banner advertisements can be a wonderful tool to start to supplement your online advertising campaign because they are traditionally an affordable as well as low cost alternative to traditional types of advertising.

In fact, banner advertisements are the advertisements that you can see displayed on various websites that contain a company’s logo, name and short advertisement. As a rule, they have a hyperlink that goes to the website of the advertiser’s choice. Usually, banner advertisements are displayed in standard sizes. However because they gain incredible popularity these days, banner advertisements vary in shape and size. The most popular advertisement sizes today are banner, leaderboards and half banner.

In fact, banner advertisements could be used in different ways to advertise your company or product. For many new companies, they could be a great tool to start branding. Customers could not be familiar with a new company’s products or services as well as logo and thus when they see a banner advertisement displayed for that company on a website it helps customers become familiar with this new brand.

Apart from this, banner advertisements are quite helpful in attracting more web traffic to your website. Every time a customer clicks on your advertisement, it will have a link that takes them to your website or the website for a product or service you want to market.

Usually, banner advertisements are much more affordable and low cost means of advertising than traditional ones. In fact, payment could vary depending on what website you are going to host the banner advertisement. For instance, some websites charge per clicks while others charge per impression or view. At the same time there are those who charge a flat rate.

Determining which exactly type of payment is the best one for your business depends mainly on what you are trying to get with your advertisement. If your main aim is to get more web traffic to your website, then how many click your advertisement gets could be the best measure of success for you. However, if you want customers to become familiar with your brand, then the number of impressions could be much more helpful for you.

In addition, there are some various terms used to measure the effectiveness of banner advertisements and the ways in which you pay for them. Below there are some basic terms you have to know:

– Impression. Every time a banner advertisement is shown on a website, it is called an impression.

– Cost per click. The cost the advertiser pays the website host company every time a customer clicks on the banner advertisement.

– Cost per million. In accordance with this payment method you have to pay only for 1000 impressions.

– Pay per click. The advertiser has to pay the website host company every time a customer clicks on the banner advertisement.

Advertising is used by lots of businesses, and online business is not an exception. As any kind of business, Internet business also needs marketing and client base. One of the ways to advertise online is banners. You can make banners by yourself – visit this web banner tutorial site. If for any reason you cannot do that it is possible to purchase some – just search for buy banner impressions. But when selecting banners or services offering to create them always keep in mind that you can save some funds and find good but cheap banners.

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