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Amazing Landing Page To Get $1000/week With Easy Video Player Pro

Right now, more persons online seem to be drawn by sites that not only contain valuable content (text), but also get video embedded on their sites. Not to mention Google’s really like for internet sites containing pictures and videos. And thus, the significance of video marketing can’t be ignored.

So how must they do it? That is, embed video on their websites or web log?

Well, a common way is to go to YouTube, look for an appropriate video for your site, get the embed code, and copy/paste it in the HTML edit window of your blog post or website. Another method is to embed “white-listed” third-party videos in WordPress — thanks to the oEmbed feature — by placing the video URL right into the “Visual” edit window of your post. You need to make sure that the URL is placed on its own line and not hyperlinked. Publish the post, and voila, the video is on your site.

Then you certainly contain the savvy affiliate marketers that set up their own professional high quality videos using, for example, Cantasia Studio, then using a product called Easy Video Player (EVP) to upload the video to a hosting site (i. e. , Amazon S3), customize the videos, and embed them on their websites or blogs.

So, what is Easy Video Player?

In general, it is software that allows you to display streaming video on your web or blog site. Therefore, its function is simply to display video online.

Josh Bartlett launched Easy Video Player (EVP) on January 12, 2010, and has launched his newest version EVP 2.0 on October 19, 2010.

Okay, so why not just simply embed YouTube videos on your website or blog?

YouTube is actually excellent for publicly accessible content, however you will discover issues with privateness, balance and safety. Seems like EVP has solved those issues with it’s simple integration with Amazon S3 to be able to host the videos.

And, it appears that EVP goes beyond the capabilities of your “run-of-the-mill” video players, and provides a complete video marketing solution that makes video marketing SIMPLE for anyone no matter technical flexibility.

Here are some of the features in 2.0:

Easily embed videos on websites and blogs
Auto Redirect videos straight to an affiliate checkout page
Embed opt-in forms and “call-to-action” (e.g., “buy now”) buttons right inside the video player
Compatible with all major email autoresponder providers (e.g., Aweber)
Full iPad & iPhone support
Easily create video web pages with social media integration
Track video statistics such as views, clicks, plays, traffic sources

Those features truly places EVP ahead of the group when it comes to managing videos on your website or maybe weblog. However, this software program assumes several elements, which you need to be alert to, especially if you’re interested in this specific product:

You have hosting, and an existing website or blog
You have existing video files or a program to create videos (e.g., Jing Pro, Cantasia Studio)
You have an autoresponder account (e.g., Aweber)
You know how to download files from a website, and know how to extract a compressed file and store it in a folder on your PC
You know how to use an FTP program (e.g., FileZilla) to upload files to your website or blog, change file permissions and to delete files/folder
The EVP member’s area does provide video tutorials, FAQs, and customer support to help you through the techie parts of the installation. Once you have weathered the installation process, the “fun begins”, as many EVP users have expressed in their excitement over its features.

Uploading a video, customizing it and embedding it on your own website or maybe web log is an easy method. There is even a WordPress EVP Plugin that comes bundled with the package to help you seamlessly embed video tutorials on your WordPress blogs, and removes the problem caused by switching in the “Visual” to “HTML” edit window on your blog post. There are also video tutorials that will demonstrate how to use EVP’s potent characteristics.

This software, Easy Video Player 2.0, does appear to have the characteristics to be branded as a “game changer”, a product that will revolutionize online video marketing. And perhaps, a tool that may help enhance your online marketing endeavors.

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