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KeywordNinja.com REVIEW – Choosing Long Tail Keywords

How Using Long Tail Keywords Can Rank You Within the Top 3 Spots of Google!

Good market and keyword research is paramount in landing you on page one of a Google search. Often times people choose keywords that are way too generic, leaving themselves no chance of being found on the first page of Google Search.

Long tail keywords are keywords that contain more than three or four words that someone would key in a Google search.

These longer tail keywords may not be as common or looked for as frequently like a single keyword, but long tail keywords will have a lot less competition, attract a far more targeted audience, and give you a better chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

Generic keywords for example: Work from home business and Work from home are likely to produce a larger number of searches each month and also at the same time frame, you will see millions of websites competing for that same keyword.

Work At Home for instance has 1,900,000,000 results, or nearly two billion websites competing for your keyword. Yes, you read that right, billion with a B. Your chances of landing on-page 157, let alone page one are pretty bleak once the levels of competition are that stiff.

Long tail keywords properly chosen should yield search engine results of 30,000 or less, a much more manageable competitive number to cope with.

Market and keyword research requires you to definitely search hard when choosing keywords. As an example I must breakdown the long tail keyword research I used for any previous article about Forwarding and Masking a Domain. Google offers a free keyword tool that will assist you in your keyword research called, Google Keyword Tool.

This tool will breakdown monthly global searches as well as local searches done each month on the particular keyword. It also lists other relevant words and their stats, giving you a range of keywords that you might not have considered.

I started my research with Forwarding a domain which produced about 5 million search engine results. Meaning you will find 5 million websites talking about forwarding a website.

Forwarding and masking a domain produced 250,000 results, still more competition than I care to increase against. In digging a little deeper I tried, forwarding and masking your domain, which produced 47,000 results. Digging deeper still I attempted, How you can Setup Forwarding and Masking Your Domain which produced only 26,300 results. Bingo, I discovered the long tail keyword to build my article around.

After just a couple of weeks I are in possession of the second and third spot on the first page of Google for that long tail keyword, how to set up forwarding and masking your domain.

In conclusion, long tail keywords will reach a far more targeted audience than generic keywords. You will not generate just as much visitors to your website using a them, however, you will generate quality people searching for what you have to give you.

Now, let me tell you about KeywordNinja.com

You now have the opportunity to acquire a very unique tool that may uncover 1,000’s of little known keywords from the most widely used search sites like: Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, YouTube.com, and Amazon.com. Initially Kevin Brown created this tool to use for his own market and keyword research on niche sites & articles and for PPC campaigns and today He is sharing it with the network for the first time. Keyword Ninja is Now the earth’s Most effective Keyword Tool for locating 1,000s of Real “Long Tail Keywords” and Dominating any Niche. Long tail keywords are simply multi-phrase search queries which visitors use on search engines to reach your site. These long tail keywords are much more targeted compared to general or main keyword topic plus they literally embody a visitor’s requirement for specific information. These long tail keywords are actual search queries, therefore optimizing your website and creating content or PPC ads to complement these search queries will allow you to attract visitors who search for information via these and other alike search terms. When applied to websites and search engine marketing, it simply means that most websites are likely to receive the majority of their internet search engine visitors through a variety of low-volume search queries rather than a number of major single or two word keywords. Here are four main reasons why you should look at optimizing your website or pay-per-click campaigns for long tail keywords: Long tail keywords lead to higher conversions, Long tail keywords are simpler to rank and less costly to bid on, More visitors to your website, Higher monetization potentia. And Keyword Ninja do you thing very, perfectly. It finds a lot of real long tail keywords all over the internet. It’s a robust PHP script that operates on your personal website and utilizes the “search suggestions” feature of Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, YouTube.com, and Amazon.com to seize keywords that visitors key in as searches. It generates results with different set of primary niche keywords that you provide and enables you to export them to a .csv apply for easy viewing & editing in Excel, Google Docs or any other spreadsheet program. The various between This Tools yet others is the fact that Keyword Ninja provides more long tail keywords than any other keyword tool in the world! You’ll be utterly shocked through the number of real long tail keywords which are missed by other tools. And you want “real” keywords because some keyword tools just make them up by combining various words right into a large amount of different variations the industry complete waste of time…

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