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Internet Marketing – The Choice Choice Today

Marketing encompasses a wide range of different activities that start from segmenting the customers, positioning the product in the consumers mind up to the point of the actual sale and deciding on the target market. Of course, the role of traditional marketing cannot be underestimated, but the development of the internet has opened new ways for marketing. Internet marketing channels have broadened traditional marketing modes by facilitating a round the clock communication with both current and potential customers.

Three main factors – proof of reach, cost and conversation rate – have made internet marketing a choice over the traditional one.

– Internet marketing offers flexibility to make some changes in one’s advertising strategy based on the results of total marketing efforts. Different digital catalogs could be easily updated in less time depending on the product availability and current market conditions.

– All internet marketing efforts are targeted via the internet with the different tools like email, blogs, video, audio, social media and many others making it cheaper and easier. Traditional marketing runs through these channels as well, but some media outlets are used for various bases.

– Return on investment in the case of internet marketing strategies are more with the low cost involved.

– Internet marketing has a global reach. In fact, entire world is your audience. You as a marketer could reach out to your customers negating geographical boundaries in a second.

One of the most interesting phenomena these days is the synergy of techniques used on internet marketing. Such techniques as online (videos, stores, websites), mobile (application, text), direct (mail, email, face to face, phone) or social (webinars, news, networking) and many others could be used together in determining proportion to reach out to a greater audience in comparison with what traditional marketer can reach. All the results could be easily achieved from using different customized approaches as well as different set as specific as a person within a segment versus mass techniques. For sure, it is all about who you want to reach as well as how they want to be reached.

According to the recent research, the internet marketing industry is estimated in several billions of dollars and this number is constantly rising. Internet marketing will further flourish in the developed countries with the mobile advertising will gain more traction in the markets of Asia. The main driver of such growth will be high rates if mobile penetration in the Asia region.

Today social networking websites are getting more and more popular among various age groups what is the other reason for internet marketers to expand their reach with changing demographics of target market.

All this along with an increased investment into mobile commerce strategies and viral marketing will boost the growth of internet media as the best marketing medium compared to traditional marketing.

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