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Website Screen Resolution

Once we decided to build our own personal website or a commercial website in order to promote our business, we take in mind numerous variables, including design, marketing, and of course programming variables. But unfortunately, in most cases the screen resolution is not one of the considerations that are taking in mind.

So in most cases we remember this after the web development phase is done and the design is fixed. Only then many websites owners see that the resolution is fixed to a certain size and there’s nothing much they can do or change. Some of them like what they see and unfortunately some of them are sorry. We will try to elaborate a little bit about the screen resolution issue. As a web developers and web designers we design and plan the future sites in two measurement types, pixels and percentages.

Pixels resolution is measured by the sum of pixels vertically and horizontally, called simply “width” and “height”. Today Websites are making sure that the page width will be less then the screen width, if that wont happened then the result will be that the site will scroll horizontally. But in the other hand the vertical scroll is a very popular to use because many sites have a lot of information such as images and information texts. But we can still design sites and pages with fixed height so it won’t scroll using various html tags and tools that will make sure the height stays fixed.

The second resolution type is percentage type measurement, we set the width in percentages from the total screen resolution, and 100% width will make sure that the site width will be always at the maximum. So we can say that the percentage type make sure it will be always proportionate to the screen width.

So what are the popular website resolutions today? , in the past the resolution where approximately 480 width on 600 height, today at the present time these resolution are almost vanished because the screens are bigger and wider, most of them can show high definition quality and reach up to 1900 width.

The popular resolution today is 1000 to 1200 pixels; the percentage measurement type is usually set between 90 to 100 percent.

For conclusion, the website resolution is changing all the time, so who decides which resolution to use? Only the Website owner and he decided according to the message he wants to send, if we want to show solid website we will probably use small resolution proportioned to today’s resolution. And the website owner needs to take in consideration the screen resolution that most of the users use today.

We can find out which screen resolution is most popular in many ways, but the best way is using statistic tools such as Google analytics. So next time you will build website’ please think about the resolution issue.

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