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If You Have Decided To Open The Business…

Almost each inhabitant of a planet dreams to open the business but why beginning of own business appears dreams in minority? More often absence of the starting capital becomes the reason which is exposed as those by excuses who couldn’t open the business. Certainly, it is very difficult to argue pompously capital investments. After all to all it is clear that in order to make something, it is necessary, at least to enclose means in the equipment and a premise. However, biographies of many great businessmen say that before to become favourites of fate these “minions of fortune” had no money in a pocket. So is there something more important for opening of own business than money?

The simplest but at the same time the most risky way to receive seed capital for opening of the business is the bank credit. The main lack of such way consists that on credit you receive another’s money and for a while. But such way is accessible not to everyone as the commercial bank won’t give out to you copecks if you don’t have credit history and liquid pledge, even under very high percent. And on business from zero banks practically don’t give out credits. After all the risk from such crediting is estimated almost in hundred percent. Only the enterprises which work in the market from three about six months can hope for financing. And means for opening are necessary to you!

Very often wishing to open the business expose on sale the car, a summer residence, apartment and other property objects. It happens that on a card the unique living space is put and owners thus move in demountable apartment or even a room. What it is possible to tell here? Only that who doesn’t risk that one doesn’t drink some champagne.

But such cardinal steps repeatedly increase risk.
Seed capital, eventually, can be saved up simply. But such scheme approaches only for experts of an extra-class with a high salary. But such professionals often can earn much more on service than in business.

You can convince any private investor to enclose means in business offered by you. However, such business angels do not always receive bearers of ideas with open arms. Most easier is to leave on the prospective investor through various associations. In Great Britain, for example, there are more than eighteen thousand persons every year put the means in the most favourable, in their opinion, projects.

About third of projects invested by private investors are necessary on new technologies. Except actively operating investors there are still potential candidates. From you the impudence and resoluteness are required to find the business angel and to receive the starting capital.

Ideal way to make the first steps in business is the diversification of the capital or reorientation of means from one branch in another. It is possible to use incomes of any other less interesting business project – but paid more back.

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