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Work From Home Companies – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

These days it seems everyone is talking about working from home and work from home companies. Maybe it was the recession or people’s growing interest in work/life balance, but more folks are surfing the net and attending seminars to find out more about work at home jobs. While there are tons of benefits to typing in your pajamas there are also some downsides to work from home companies. Below are few of the pros and cons that come with this lifestyle.

1. At home with the kids. Whether you are a work at home mom, dad or couple it gives you peace of mind and sense of satisfaction to be able to spend the days with your kids. You don’t miss out on all their important milestones, you have time to get them to their activities and you don’t have to spend money on child care costs. One could say being with your kids is the nicest thing work from home companies offer their workers.

2. Comfortable work space. Companies that hire home based agents tend to have an increase in satisfied customers. There is something about working in the comfort of your own home that makes you a happier worker. Take yourself out of the small office cubicle, and away from the office gossip, and see how well you perform.

3. Taken advantage of. Work from home companies unfortunately, don’t always take care of their home based workers. Often times they take advantage of them in one way other. They may pay them below fair market value, they don’t offer any employment benefits and they can overwork them. The sad fact is many of these are not seen as illegal so workers have a tough time fighting it.

4. Hidden costs. While working from home can save you a lot, there is also a very expensive side. Work from home companies in the sale sector for example, have employees spend quite a bit keeping up with new market trends. There may be new software and equipment you need to do the job or to do it better, or you could spend money for company seminars. Usually, the company offers discounts or free gifts, but at the end of the day you’re still paying money to do your job.

In life you have to take the good with the bad, and if working from home is something you want to do then you need to accept that while work from home companies do offer some perks there are some downsides too.

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