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Genrate A Webpage- Tutorials

Surfing the internet has become an important part of most peoples lives. Whether you want to learn how to make a web page for business purposes or just for fun, you will find that it really is not too hard. A web site can be built inexpensively. You will need to purchase a domain name and hosting and after that all you will need is the knowledge of how to use free online tools.
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Knowledge is power so it suits all the techies to keep their secrets close. In reality with the information translated into layman’s terms and a good Tutor it is not that difficult to create a simple web page whether for personal use or as the starting point for an online business.

Believe it or not few tools are required to make own web page. There are many tools available to cater for all levels of implementation some costing a considerable amount of money. Fortunately expenditure is not necessary when starting out. Two very user friendly FREE tools are Kompozer and FileZilla.

Before you run for the hills let me simplify: Kompozer is used to create and edit the content of your page. If you are comfortable working with a basic word document, with a few simple instructions Kompozer will pose no problem to you.

1. Creating your web page.

I’m pleased to tell you that the software that I use every day is available completely free of charge. It’s name is Kompozer. You can download it and have those creative juices flowing in minutes! Need a guide to show you how to really use it? I’ll cover that later.

2. File transfer protocol.

I sometimes think that programmers take pleasure in giving their creations scary names. File transfer protocol software or, ftp, as it is usually referred to exists to get your web page from your computer and up to your hosting company who will, in turn, put it onto the web. Filezilla is the one for me and, yes, it’s free also.

3. ‘Techie’ help.

Forget 1 and 2 without professional help! You see both of the above pieces of software have their own help sections and they are fine as far as they go. However you will need a completely thorough step-by-step guide to really master the skill of making a web page. It is something that anyone can learn but you must avoid spending hours, days or even weeks cracking the code. Too much frustration can lead to failure.


Moreover, a general working knowledge of programming code might not be enough to make the type of page you want. In some instances, a single misplaced character can scramble an entire page. When I was first learning to put together basic websites, I uploaded a page only to realize it was so garbled no one could possibly read it. Hours later, I figured out that I had accidentally typed an extra character.

A better option for many people is a software package that makes creating web pages easy enough for pretty much anyone who has minimal computer skills. While they are simple to use, these options have a couple of downsides.

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