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How The Companies Can Use Possibilities Of The Internet For Magnification Of The Consumer Audience?

We will consider only three ways of the decision of this problem thanks to electronic commerce of a class “Business – Business” (B2B):

Order control

The companies presume to use to customers the Internet for learning of singularities of their operation, costs, planning and etc. The electronic trading platform or electronic office of the enterprise have possibility to “take in” any interested client who is though on other hemisphere.

The supplier and a customer use the Internet and as a convenient and fast communications medium and control of the order: for planning of sales and purchases, clearing up of possibilities, specification of costs. The Internet can be used as well as the channel for payment for a monetary flow.

The supplier in electronic business can execute functions of the vendor of operations – to arrange the complex order among specialized executors (without being restricted to the production potentialities). Thus it conducts and traces delivery, document circulation, arranges payment among executors of the order.

The client of my client is my client!

But the companies can go even further. In a uniform network of an information exchange, thanks to the extension of communications on the Internet downwards and upwards on a vertical of a chain of supply, the enterprise upkeeps that their immediate customer can fall outside the limits. Namely: to render services to clients of their immediate client.

Electronic commerce promises the considerable advantage also thanks to binding of a chain of supply as though in uniform “the virtual enterprise”. Suppliers of the second, third and fourth level can watch on remote distance of assembly lines where their accessories are installed. Thus each participant of a circuit of supply can use communications of the electronic commerce for the forecast of demand, reduction of volume of production in a warehouse, sale coordination, and also for the problem resolution of failures and malfunctions.

Business – as crystal: the more it is transparent the more valuably it is.

In some situations transparency creation in business in itself can become business. So, many firms with the tangled and opaque chain of supply need its optimization: want to reduce number of suppliers, to refine quality and to reduce the price of accessories and etc. For this purpose new technologies and the software which are possible only within the limits of electronic commerce of class ?2? frequently are required. These are that technologies and they can become in itself a favourable product which will be on sale along with other goods and services of the given enterprise.

Focus here is that it is necessary to know when to sell a product and when to give it free of charge. In certain cases a transparency of a circuit of supply does principal business of the company so more successful can receive more than profit not from sale of new technology but from joint free use together with other enterprises – partners.

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