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How Much It Is Necessary To Work In Day To Start To Earn In The Network?

Often sites it is possible to see on various such phrase “I will teach you how to earn in the Network and through 7 days you will earn the first hundred part of dollars working thus 2 hours per day“.

And much inexperienced users think that it is real. But after transits this week or month they start to understand that they haven’t earned even half of this sum.

In what is an error here? You again read this packet or the book and understand that you all did correctly but thus you have earned nothing or have earned copecks.

And all here is simple, you must remember that by means of one book or a packet you won’t start to earn 100 dollars or more in a week.

It is simply not really to clasp in one book at once some niches. And it is well-known to all of us that if you work in electronic business it is not sufficient to you to buy one book or a disk.

You need to know mandatory Marketing, Copywriting, Design, Promotion, Optimization … and more many various niches.
Certainly, it is possible to employ the designer, the optimizer etc but it already is strongly unprofitable and as for me it is simply not interesting.

Here I at first in design was the full zero, I even thought to employ the designer but have then read pair of articles, have installed a photoshop and started to study it without the book and simply I learned it all. By the way it is now my favourite business.

As with optimization, I thought to employ the optimizer but then I have read pair of books, came on forums, read there about optimization, asked advices from friends. Well, here now I can also optimize sites.

I think it is clear to you what for I have directed these examples. It is always terrible and difficult to take the first step but then all will go like clockwork.

As I have told to you above, it is not enough to buy the book and to study it even if there is written to use all in practice. In order to become the professional in one topic it is necessary to read pair of tens books.

Here all of us know professionals, but they study new books, courses, trainings… And it just also says that it is not necessary to suppose that you buy one book and will start to earn money in the Internet.

Certainly, I don’t speak that it is not necessary to buy books, trainings, they certainly are necessary for buying as it is additional luggage of knowledge. Simply if the beginner has bought the book he thinks that he will earn 1000 dollars on it.

But then when they earn nothing they start to accuse of it authors and electronic business. And the author who writes fairy tales in the advertizing letters is guilty.

So now it is necessary to talk about that how many it is necessary to work in a network in order to earn good money.

And besides in many respects here the author which is guilty writes that he works in a network for 2 hours per day and thus he earns from 1000 dollars.

Well, it is such fairy tale, it is simply unreal.
For example, personally I work a minimum 5 hours and if it is the day off it happens such that I work all the day. Well and certainly I read books, trainings … And I still have small earnings on the Internet, but I am not upset as I understand that I need to make and read more.

And if to work for 2 hours per day or less, you will not see money still very long.

Well we will sum up. In order to start to earn really it is necessary to work much. The more you work – the more you can earn.

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