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Customer Advantage Overview

There are many types of MLM (multi-level marketing) programs available on the Internet right now. Some of them are better than others, while some are just out there to take your money and run. The Customer Advantage is an established MLM that has been generating plenty of talk on blogs and forums around the Internet. Many people are skeptical that a simple online marketing program could make so much money, so this review will set the record straight.

Many MLM’s have the same basic premise, with different operating platforms. They usually sell different products but they work in much the same way as others. When you first start, you are able to make an account for free. Each day you’re a member, you will receive a coupon or offer in your email. These offers will usually advertise services from local businesses that are 40-50% off. If the member then wants to capitalize upon this offer, they simply purchase the coupon and can use it at a later date. The business that offered this coupon now has a new customer, a larger customer base, and more sales traffic. The customer who purchased the coupon gets a great deal, so both parties are happy. The Customer Advantage then is very similar to other websites, such as Groupon and Living Social.

The entire basis of the program is to refer new people to the program to expand your downline, thus earning you more commissions. When a new member joins the program, they are given their own website which they can drive traffic to in order to generate new members for the program. When a referral makes a purchase of a product or coupon, the referee gets a 5% commission. The referee also receives a 5% commission on all members of the downline, down to 5 generational levels. When a member creates a local business, all members of the downline receive a 2% commission on all sales that take place in the business. As you can see, the main focus of earning money is generating a large enough downline. Without this crucial component, you will hardly be making ends meet.

Many MLM’s advertise that they can earn their members thousands of dollars per week, but in reality most members hardly make a hundred dollars per month. While the Customer Advantage is certainly different than most MLMs, it still relies on the fact that you need thousands of members in your downline to make any significant amount of money. A member that spends an hour per day on their website, promoting and maintaining, can expect to net a few hundred dollars per week, but it does take some time for that income to start coming in. You can’t expect real income streams for at least 3-4 months after joining.

If you’re looking for a simple MLM that is straightforward and free to join, The Customer Advantage will be great for you. If you’re looking for an MLM that guarantees thousands of dollars per week, then you should keep looking.

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