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Wela Network Marketing Overview

MLM, or multi-level marketing system, is a type of money making program that has gained in popularity in recent years. MLM’s used to take place through the mail or by using legitimate storefronts, but today the vast majority of MLM’s take place online. Wela is a new MLM that has gained popularity in recent years. There have also been rumors of it being a scam, while others say they are earning thousands of dollars from the program. This article will help put the record straight.


Wela works similarly to other multi-level marketing programs. The program is open to anyone regardless of age or financial position, and joining is also free. When you join the program, you get your very own web page, which you can use to promote the company product, Slimberry. Slimberry is a special formula that you can use to lose weight and keep it off for good. Wela is an extremely easy MLM to use. You simply promote the product and try to sell as many as possible. While this may seem easy, you must keep in mind you will be competing with thousands of other people for customers and sales don’t come as fast as they would like you to believe. When you first sign up, you’ll be receiving $16 for each sale, and after a few months this drops to $10 per sale. As you can see, the easiest ways for earning money is to simply sell as many bottles of Slimberry as possible.


The main product that you will be promoting if you join Wela is Slimberry. It is a weight loss supplement that helps you lose weight and then keep the weight off after. Anyone can use the product, from adults to children, housewives to athletes. Slimberry contains many of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs for survival, just in greater doses. Trace minerals are an extremely important source of nutrients for your body, and Slimberry has thousands of trace minerals that aid in weight loss, eyesight, hearing, and other general health issues. The formula also contains Zeolites, which help remove heavy toxins from the body and support the immune system. In addition, Slimberry contains Acai Berry, which has a very high concentration of antioxidants. Slimberry is known to

protect against the following diseases and symptoms:

• Aging

• High blood pressure

• Cardiovascular disease

• Weight gain

• Inflammation

• Bacterial infections

As you can see, the product should be fairly easy to sell because of the numerous health advantages it has to offer to a health-crazed nation.


The ultimate question that needs to be answered when reviewing any MLM is if it actually works or not. An MLM that promises thousands of dollars per week but returns nothing is not truthful and won’t last long. There are some who have accused Wela of being a scam, but there is no concrete proof that shows Wela is an illegitimate operation. If you’re looking for a few extra dollars every week, and have some time on your hands, then joining Wela risk free is a great investment.

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