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To Be Successful Online You Must Build A List

I’ve spent a few years now in the field of internet marketing and making money online using websites, squeeze pages, affiliate pages and blogs. And pretty much the first thing you realise is, you need traffic. You need visitors to your site, landing page etc.

It doesn’t matter how fancy your landing page is. It doesn’t matter how catchy your message is. It doesn’t matter how compelling your sales pitch is. If no one sees it, you will never achieve success with them.

So, you go about promoting your sites, your links and eventually you will find programs, tactics and ideas that work. And you begin to see visitor numbers increase on your site. BUT, there is no real change to your success. Sales still just don’t pick up. Why is that so ? You’ve got the visitors but not the sales.

This is where so many people eventually become disheartened and quit. But it doesn’t have to be so. There is a reason that increased visitors doesn’t equate to increased sales.

So how advantageous for you that you came across this article. I’m about to give you that missing ingredient. And the reason why its absolutely necessary. Its not really a secret but its not very well advertised. The information is out there but most people in the field of internet marketing just don’t become aware of it before giving up.

There have been many studies into why increased traffic doesnt equate to increased sales. And the results just prove the importance of having a “list”.

I’ll just quote one study here but they all conclude the same thing. In this study by the NSEA, it found only up to 2% of sales will ever be made by initial visits. Higher conversions were achieved by follow up contacts. It was broken down as follows;
— 3% of sales are made from a second contact.
— 5% of sales are made from a third contact.
— 10% of sales are made from a fourth contact.
— up to 80% of sales are made on 5 to 12 contacts.

So THE ingredient that can sink a new online business is creating a list. Building a customer base. A list of visitors who you continue to follow up with to build a business relationship with. You gain their trust and their interest by showing interest in them as well.

So I conclude that an online business of any kind’s most important asset and number 1 requirement is … a list of your visitors. Without this, you will never be able to achieve the kind of success that will make your venture viable in sales, work and time invested.

Please drop by my website to get a copy of my free ebook on list building. Its the answer to make your online venture a success.

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