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500Views.com in Review


500viewsIn today’s online world with it’s billions of websites, getting your website, product or service to the top of anywhere can be a real challenge. Up until a few years ago all one needed to do was learn some SEO tricks or hire an SEO guy and within a few short weeks or months you had top placement on the popular search engines. But those old tricks don’t work anymore.

Building a brand; increasing exposure to your site; or creating a buzz around it takes a bit more ingenuity.

Enter… Youtube.

Fact is Youtube videos receive over two billion views per day! At a glance this would seem like a great place to gain exposure for your new product or service… and it is; if you can get it viewed. It seems like were right back to where we started? Not quite.

There is a way to build expose to videos and/or channels you create on Youtube using services that send you Youtube views.

One such service is 500views.com

Can you really buy “views” to your Youtube video? Yes you can.

Would it really help? Again, Yes. And here’s why.

Some nay-sayers out there in cyberland think that buying Youtube views is useless because even if the views are from real live people, they aren’t targetted. In my opinion, this is a mute point. The purpose of buying views isn’t to make sales, it’s to increase exposure. And by driving traffic to your video, regardless whether it’s targetted or not, you have served your purpose.

By driving (any) traffic to your videos, you show increased popularity. Youtube and search engines like Google like popularity. As a matter of fact, they jump all over it. They love it so much they give the most popular videos top placement in order to show other people what everyone else is watching… and people like following the masses. So what happens is then even more people watch the most popular videos which in turn causes it to rank even higher until suddenly, it is gone viral.

Having your video go viral is the ultimate dream of anyone who has ever uploaded a video to Youtube.

What can 500views.com do for you?

500views.com can send you those Youtube views that will move in the direction of that viral video. Whether you want 500 views, 5000 views or a million views. Whether you want comments and likes on your videos or if you want people to subscribe to your Youtube channel, the experts at 500views.com handle it all.

If you want to breathe some life into your Youtube videos, visit 500views.com today.

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