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The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer Review

FO437930E788_TicBookCoverFinalBack2Reading and using the information in this book is like getting a raise in salary.

An eBook titled “The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer” by Leon Forte will take your dollar and make it go further, a lot further. An individual can save $150k to $200k in your working life while still using the same goods and services. Simply learn how to stop overpaying for them. The book will teach most of the games played by advertisers, salespeople and businesses, which confuse, and have people spend a lot more than they should have. It covers almost every aspect of spending. From what to look for when using a bank to when and how to buy a large ticket item. It covers purchases for food, clothes, cars and even final expenses. Stop being ripped-off and see what prompts the public to make a purchase. Learn what gimmicks and ploys professional salespeople use to make a sale.

Save over $3,000 when buying a car. Save at least $10,000 on a house purchase. Save $300 a month on food shopping. Learn how to save a small fortune when buying insurance or taking a loan. Save at least $5,000 to $10,000 or more every year. Do this while using the same goods. Find more information on Amazon.com. Simply search the book’s title or author’s name in the Amazon search engine. Read ten chapters at no cost. More info on the author and the book is available on authorsden.com and bookdaily.com. Find info on these websites by using their search engines with the book title or author’s name. Buy the eBook for less than $5 and live like never before. Go to intelligentconsumersite.com and find links to get a free kindle app for your PC, Mac or iPad.

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