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How To Build A Huge Twitter Following Quickly

How do you build a HUGE Twitter following quickly? In short… using automated software.

BUT let me explain rather than just jumping to the short answer so fast.

Lets look at some of the basics first…

  • Why build a Twitter following at all?
  • How do you build a HUGE Twitter following quickly?
  • Why is more better than small and highly targeted?

Why build a Twitter following at all?

Online marketing is becoming more and more competitive every day. The more ways a marketer has of getting his or her message out the greater the chances of making sales. When it comes right down to it, we all need to make sales in order to stay in business. I’m sure some of us have other reasons for doing what we’re doing… we want to spend more time with loved ones; we want freedom from the 9-5 grind; we want to help other people; but we also need to make sales in order to keep our heads above water and to be able to stay in business; otherwise it’s all lost and we can’t do any of the other things we want to achieve by being in this business. So the answer to why build a Twitter following at all is to increase the chances of making a greater number of sales.

How do you build a HUGE Twitter following quickly?

The quickest way to build a huge Twitter following is by using automated software. Other ways would be to hire the services of a company specifically for the purpose of building up your Twitter list but for the purpose of this article I’ll stay on the economical side of the room. There are a number of automated software programs out there that can make the task of growing your Twitter list virtually painless. One of my favorites these days is the latest release of TwitterBot. TwitterBot allows you to automatically follow other Twitter users in a couple of nice ways. One I like is the ability to follow another users followers. This is a very cool stealth way of basically zoning in on a competitors list. Lets say you know another big marketer who has a huge following of (possibly) potential buyers. Well all you do is get TwitterBot to start following that persons followers for you while you watch TV, drink coffee, spend a day at the beach… whatever it is you’d rather be doing… and in the meantime you’re picking up all these great new leads! The way it works most of the time with Twitter in this automated world is that when I follow you, you have some setting somewhere that enables you to follow me back automatically. So by the law of averages, for every 100 new people you follow you’ll get perhaps 80 follow you back. And that my friend is how you can be lazy and still build a huge following on Twitter using automated software… AND why you should be doing it.

Why is more better than smaller and highly targeted?

Well, it likely isn’t. But I’m lazy so I bring it all down to a numbers game. Once I have enough buyers on all my lists combined and I’m making enough extra cash each month that I can afford to hire a company to go through all my lists and put together a strategy to sort out who’s who, which ones I should keep to be more effective and which ones I should lose, then that’s exactly what I’ll do. In the meantime, I’ll stick to my lazy way of it’s a numbers game. If an offer converts at 1% then for every 100 clicks I get there’s a sale. If I want to make 10 sales a day I need 1000 clicks. The rest is math. Like I said, it’s a numbers game.

If you want to get in the game on Twitter, go get a copy of TwitterBot before they’re all sold out.

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