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Novel In a Month – How To Write a Novel in 30 Days or Less!

Novel In A MonthDiscover the Hidden SECRETS to Writing YOUR Novel – In Just ONE MONTH, Working Only 40 Minutes a DAY! Prolific Author Unveils EVERYTHING You Need to Know…

Writing a novel is a FANTASTIC idea.

It’s one of the most satisfying experiences in the world.

The THRILL of putting your words onto paper. The EXCITEMENT of receiving your first copy. The KICK at seeing your book featured at a local store. The BUZZ of signing your first copy.

But you know what would make you feel EVEN BETTER?

Knowing that you wrote your novel in just ONE SHORT MONTH – working only 40 minutes a day!

That’s not a joke.

It’s entirely possible to write YOUR novel in 28 short days, working less than the time it takes you to watch the evening news.

Let Me Show YOU the SECRETS of Speed Writing! In Just FOUR WEEKS from Now, YOU Will Be Holding Your Finished Novel – Ready for the Publishers!

Dan Strauss, creator of ‘Novel In a Month‘ and senior editor behind the WCCL Network, and having previously worked with major publishing houses – including Springer, Apress and Inspire3 Publishing.

Dan has personally written and had published over 30 fiction and non-fiction works. He’s the author of a bundle of screenplays, and I’ve helped write over 100 winning book proposals.

YES – He knows the industry.

And he’s spent the past five years working with and advising some of the BEST “speed writers” in the industry.

We’re talking about prolific authors that are churning out book after book after book.

Take Nick Daws for example.

Nick is an inexhaustible British author of over 50 best-selling books. Some years ago, Dan consulted with Nick to help him launch his best-selling course at Write Quickly.com.

Or how about James Lamberg

James is a master Hollywood screenwriter. And after studying with Dan, James began producing new screenplays at a rate of one per month.

YES – There are SECRETS to writing this quickly.

REAL SECRETS. And NOW those SECRETS are available to YOU!

You’ve got a novel burning inside you.

I know that. It’s powerful.

And you’d like nothing more than to take the time out to actually get that story down on paper. Then, some months later, to walk in Barnes & Noble or Waterstones, and to see it there – sitting proudly on the best-sellers shelf.

Wouldn’t that be FANTASTIC?

Can you even IMAGINE how thrilling that could be?

From Outlining to Plotting to Character Development! Discover the SECRET SHORTCUTS No-one Has Told You! Learn How to Write YOUR Novel in Just ONE Month … I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to do it.

Just open up the pages to the Novel in a Month course and discover…

  • Exactly how to EFFORTLESSLY write your best-selling novel in 28 days, or less, working just 40 minutes a day!
  • Why you don’t need TALENT to write a great book – and why it may even HINDER your writing!
  • The secrets of the S.C.O.P.E. model for writing, editing and promoting your new novel!
  • Why you absolutely NEED to write a book – TODAY! (And it’s not for the reasons you think!)


  • An ENTIRE week-by-week plan for writing your novel – including PRECISELY what to do at every step, and how much to write each day!
  • The P.L.O.T. system for quickly creating a killer story-line that will keep readers turning page after page – DESPERATE to reach the end of your story!
  • The REAL outlining secrets: From synopsis to chapters, discover how OUR method of outlining will ROCKET your productivity! (This has NEVER been seen before!)
  • How to write the MOST GENUINE character dialogue possible, QUICKLY – all thanks to a piece of advice from Ford Madox Ford!


  • SEVEN BRILLIANT TECHNIQUES for keeping your reader interested – stolen straight from the big name authors!
  • Why SCENES and PLOTTING can RUIN your efforts to write a great novel –and EXACTLY what you can do about it!
  • Discover the FOUR QUICKEST METHODS for researching your novel (If you even need to at all!)
  • The FIVE TOP TIPS for putting together your STORYLINE in absolute record time


  • The SHORTCUT to MEGA-QUICK character creation! (I absolutely love this section. It’s filled with wonderful ideas that will ASTOUND you!)
  • The “POPULATION INDEX” of your novel – and how this can help build a fantastic fast-paced, character-driven, page-turning story!
  • The SIX THINGS you MUST do to build ANY character in just minutes. Get these wrong and your story will seem EMPTY!
  • The FIVE-STEP FORMULA for writing a KILLER opening, QUICKLY – this is CRITICAL to selling your book to a publisher, and can treble your bookstore sales!


  • The SECRET SOURCE of UNLIMITED PLOTS! Simply use our little-known trick and you’ll have a ready-made, best-selling plot – right off the shelf!
  • The FIVE STEPS to quickly writing BRILLIANT DIALOGUE in your book
  • The SEVENTEEN QUESTIONS you can ask to kick-start your imagination – and give yourself a plot, even if you’ve no idea what you want to write about!
  • The SIX universal plot archetypes – and how you can use them to build your story FASTER than ever before!


  • Precisely how to duplicate Jack London’s secret method of writing it RIGHT first time, EVERY TIME!
  • Why TRANSITIONS are vital to the flow of your book – and our TOP FIVE “Swipe File” of hot techniques, including advice from Raymond Chandler!
  • The SECRET WRITING MYTHS that have been holding you back from success as an author. Blast these and you’re ready for action!
  • The SPECIFIC STEPS you need to take to QUICKLY fine-tune your writing, NO analysis, editing or effort required!


  • The SMART way to rewrite and edit your novel – in just ONE DAY!
  • Our TOP FIVE TIPS for quick and easy editing!
  • How to write in FIFTEEN MINUTE BLOCKS, to help you write quicker – and ensure you NEVER get bored and NEVER experience writer’s block!
  • SEVEN WAYS to refine your writing style – and swiftly turn your novel into a work of art!


  • How to give your novel a BOOST – by attracting celebrating endorsements, in JUST TWO WEEKS!
  • Why you MUST create a “marketing pack” to sell your book – and our fast-paced FIVE-STEP SYSTEM to put one together
  • The mysterious world of the COVER LETTER – and the six steps that will virtually GUARANTEE you a publishing contract!
  • The EXACT seven-step system you need to know for finding the best agent or publisher in town – and how to get YOUR novel onto the shelves!


Would YOU like to discover these secrets – and be holding your own novel in just ONE MONTH from now?

Download ‘Novel In a Month’ Instantly and Get Started On Your First Novel In The Next 15 Minutes!

Download Now

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